Day 16: Tuesday in New Orleans

Big day, with lots of photos to tell the story. The day started with croissants and coffee at the patisserie next door to the French Market Inn where we’re staying, followed by a stroll around the French Quarter.

Bourbon Street

Oldest restaurant in New Orleans. 1840.

Courtyard of the French Market Inn. Our accommodation in the French Quarter

We wanted to see something about Katrina, so we hit the Museum of Louisianna which had a Huricane Katrina exhibit, as well as a Mardy Gras exhibit.

We then headed south for a Swamp airboat tour. Wow! Lots of ‘gators, which is unusual for this time of year. And those spooky trees!

Shortly after we returned from the swamp a northerly change hit (think southerly, but from the wrong direction. The temperature dropped from 83 degrees to around the mid 50s. That’s about 28C  to 12C in just a few hours. The forecast max tomorrow is about 52 (11C).

After a cajun & creole dinner Carol hit the shops while I got busy with the camera.    



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5 Responses to Day 16: Tuesday in New Orleans

  1. Kevin & Gail says:

    Isn’t New Orleans just the best with all the different music cafe’s and restaurants.
    We have almost identical photo taken at the corner of Bourbon & Orleans Sts.
    Also stayed in the French Quarter almost opposite the Casino. Just love all the shots of the old buildings etc.

  2. Richard Montgomery says:

    Great photos and great times!

  3. Craig meyers says:

    Just love New Orleans
    Frenchmans road has best pubs for music
    Bourbon st for a laugh

  4. Katrina says:

    Omg a museum all about me! Love love love 👍

  5. Jacq says:

    Ive not heard a bad story of New Orleans from anyone whos ever been. Must be the place to go if I ever travel to US

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