Day 39: Thursday in Disneyland

At $65 per person for a tour company to take us to Disneyland we decided to rent a car for the day to get us there (just when I thought I’d done my last driving on the wrong side of the road). Picked up the car, conveniently right next door to the hotel, at 7:30 and were in the car park (or at least the car park queue) by 8:30.

We managed to get a 2 park ticket for the price of a regular one park ticket, so we headed to California Adventure first. The kids set off to do some of the more popular rides before the crowds grew, while Carol and I had a more leisurely pace. Around 2pm we met up with the kids , did a few rides together, then went over to Disneyland Park, the original park, around 5.

After a huge day at a very busy Disneyland we left Disneyland around 11:45 headed back to the hotel, dropped the hire car and got to bed. We knew we would have another early start the next day. we still hadn’t seen Hollywood or Beverley Hills.

More photos to come once I get them off Lachlan’s phone.

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