Day 8: Monday to Santa Fe

Time to move on, but not before a few photos from in bed!

Then it was time to hit the road. ‘They’ say you should never look back, but we did – for this. This photo is an almost exact replica of the photo I’ve had as my computer background for months. Quite surreal to finally see it for myself.

As we heading toward Santa Fe we passed Four Corners, the location where 4 states meet,

then continuing on to Santa Fe. The landscape we came through today was a geologists dream. You could spand a lifetime working out what was going on with the conplex landforms. Late in the day, as we travelled just north of Albuquerque, it felt like we were driving through the opening scene of Breaking Bad. We probably were.

Arriving around sunset we had a quick look around town,

then dinner at Casa Chimayo, a local New Mexican restaurant. Fantastic!

Finally some decent wifi, I can catch up.

6 states so far… California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colarado (briefly – just cut the corner) and New Mexico.

Little Things We’ve noticed – Part 4 (I think)

  • All through New Mexico there were lots of utes, sorry, pick-ups loaded with firewood selling it by the side of the road. And not a tree to be seen anywhere.
  • Lots and lots of pawn shops in New Mexico towns.


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