Day 17: Wednesday into Alabama

A cold, grey, wet day as we begin to head north. Top temperature: 46F (about 8C). Quite a change since yesterday, which we heard was the hottest recorded December day EVER in New Orleans.

Our target for the day was Montgomery, site of much civil rights activism in the ’50s. We arrived, had a look around and decided to continue on for an hour or so. Montgomery is the state capital of Alabama and has some great civic buildings.

We did manage to sneak an extra state into the count by cutting through the very corner of Florida. Does it still count if our feet didn’t touch the ground?

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2 Responses to Day 17: Wednesday into Alabama

  1. Steve Fargie says:

    Brace yourselves it’ll get a lot colder as you head further North that’s for sure, get that thermal underwear and hot packs for inside your gloves! Anyway glad your not in L.A. yet bad fire’s causing havoc with the Freeways… safe and watch the black ice when approaching the North Eastern State’s.

  2. Katrina says:

    Surely you had to have a pee stop! And that would definitely count!

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